No. 1, 2008
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    No. 1, 2008

    Analysis and Design of Control Systems

    Zemlyakov S.D., Danilova E.A.On the Problem of Convergence Domain Search for the Motion of a Nonstationary Relay System (pp. 2-9)

    Abstract. The problem of nonstationary relay system analysis and synthesis is considered. The paper shows the opportunity of finding the design parameters under which the motion of the system described by a reduced mathematical model is asymptotically globally stable. For a special case, it is proved that the motion of the system described by the complete model converges to some domain that includes the desirable motion. Convergence domain construction technique is offered.

    Krasnova S.A., Utkin V.A., Utkin A.V., Nguyen Thanh TienA Direct Control System Synthesis Method for End Effector Arm Under Incomplete Meaurements (pp. 10-18)

    Abstract. Direct synthesis procedures for stand-alone control of end effector arm’s position are offered. A method of prelimit control hierarchy is developed ensuring the desirable tracking accuracy under the uncertainty of control objects operator and uncontrolled external disturbances. The dataware problem is solved by choosing zero-overshoot response-based state observer that allows to get the estimates of non-measurable variables and existing uncertainties in theoretically finite time.

    Control in Social and Economic Systems

    Sukharev O.S.Macroeconomic Policy for Economic Growth Stimulation: Constraints and Prospect (pp. 19-28)

    Abstract. The paper discusses problem of economic growth in Russia and the economic policy stimulating the growth. It demonstrates the structural paradox of Russian economy and discusses some aspects limiting the economic growth. The analysis is undertaken that makes it possible to allow for institutional, demographical, and environmental factors of economic systems development and to make the policy of growth stimulation more effective.

    Sidorov A.A., Silich M.P.Complex Evaluation of Municipal Units Demographic Development (pp. 29-35)

    Abstract. The problems of calculating an integrated estimate of demographic development level in a municipal unit and of demographic data interpretation are discussed. The design of a functional parameter network with various kinds of dependences such as rules-productions, formulae, and fuzzification procedures is applied as a methodological basis. The methods described can be used by the authorities of Russian Federation subjects or by local governments for complex socio-economic planning.

    Gusev V.B.Multi-Parameter Continuous Scales Debugging (pp. 36-42)

    Abstract. The paper discusses the methods for multi-parameter continuous scales debugging intended for making agreed decisions in multi-objective planning based on expert knowledge. The examples of scale verification and testing procedures are adduced.

    Information Technologies in Control

    Zaikin O.S., Semenov A.A. Large-Block Parallelism Technology in SAT Problems (pp. 43-50)

    Abstract. A new approach to SAT problems solution based on large-block parallelism concept incident to many high dimensionality problems is proposed. In this framework, the decomposition of the initial conjuctive normal form (CNF) to a CNF family is built with subsequent SAT problem solution for each CNF of the family on each computational node of the cluster. The planning of the optimal computation is done by optimizing a special predictive function. The efficiency of the approach is proved by solving cryptanalysis problems for summing and threshold generators.

    Kavalerov M.V.,Matushkin N.N.Task Scheduling in Automation and Control Systems Under Real-Time Linear Interval Constraints (pp. 51-61)

    Abstract. Several algorithms providing the assignment of a real-time tasks parameters for fixed priority scheduling under any linear interval constraints are proposed. The paper shows that the algorithms proposed enable the scheduling efficiency improvement and hence higher quality control realization for the given computational resources.

    Ghilyazov R.L., Ghitman M.B., Stolbov V.Yu.Management of the Transport Network with Fuzzy Preference (pp. 62-67)

    Abstract. The paper discusses optimal control problem for a telecommunications network. A transportation network model is built. Two solution algorithms are proposed. Test problems are solved, and model adequacy is verified.

    Control in Medical and Biological Systems

    Tselikov A.V.An Analytical System for Informational Support of Municipal Healthcare Management (pp. 68-72)

    Abstract. A computerized system for medical statistics information acquisition and at the municipal level is presented. The system employs diverse techniques for data analysis, overall indices processing, clustering, prediction, and artificial intelligence. It enables the multidimensional analysis of sickness rate indices at various management levels based on national medical statistics.


    «Innovations Control – 2007»: Problems of Theory and Practice (pp. 73-79)

    XV International Conference The Problems of Compound Systems Safety Management (pp. 80-82)

    35th Anniversary of the System Sirena (p. 83)

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