No. 5, 2020
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    No. 5, 2020

    Mathematical Problems of Control

    Podinovski, V.V., Nelyubin, A.P. Mean Quantities: A Multicriteria Approach (pp. 3-16)


    Analysis and Design of Control Systems

    Khlebnikov, M.V., Kvinto, Y.I. Robust Stability Conditions for a Family of Linear Discrete-Time Systems Subjected to Uncertainties (pp. 17-21)

    Shatov, D.V. Duration of Filtration Process During Finite-Frequency Identification (pp. 22-29)


    Control in Social and Economic Systems

    Korgin, N.A., Кorepanov, V.O. Synthesis of the Optimal Mechanism of Active Expertise: Realization via Computer Modeling Systems (pp. 30-38)

    Ratner, S.V. Evaluation of Efficiency of Eco-Innovation Management Based on DEA Models with Lags and Negative Outputs (pp. 39-49)


    Information Technologies in Control

    Vishnevsky, V.M., Semenova, O.V., Bui, D.T. Investigation of the Stochastic Polling System and Its Applications in Broadband Wireless Networks (pp. 50-55)

    Karavay, M.F., Podlazov, V.S. Optimum Multidimensional Tori Based on Low-Port Routers and Hubs (pp. 56-64)


    Control of Complex Technological Processes and Productions

    Ogorodnikov, O.V. The Solution of the Problem of Multicriteria Optimization under Parametric Uncertainty during Pre-Calculation of Jet Aircraft Parameters (pp. 65-70)

    Zack, Yu.A. Schedules for Performing Tasks in Interconnected Sequential Production Systems (pp. 71-80)

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    Leonid Petrovich Borovskikh (p. 81)

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