No. 4, 2006
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    No. 4, 2006

    Institute for Automation and Control Processes of Far-Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Is 35 (p. 2)

    Analysis and Design of Control Systems

    Abstract. The problem of synthesizing analog engineering systems with deterministic structure and random parameters is considered. The extended concept of parametric synthesis is introduced that results in a parameters control strategy ensuring desirable or optimum reliability characteristics of the synthesized system. Several algorithms for multivariate analysis and optimization using parallel and distributed processing techniques are discussed.

    Filaretov V.F.Development and Investigation of Synthesis Methods for High-Precision Control Systems of Compound Dynamic Objects Under Parametric Uncertainty (pp. 9-19)

    Abstract. The paper examines the control problem of compound nonlinear dynamic objects with time variables, uncertain parameters, and environmental effects. A unified approach and a several original methods are proposed for synthesizing multilevel self-tuning, adaptive and robust control systems that ensure high control performance. Simulation results have confirmed the operability and high effectiveness of the synthesized control systems under uncertainties and essential variability of the dynamic objects’ parameters.

    Zhirabok A.N., Letenko A.A.Logic-Dynamical Approach to Bilinear Systems Diagnosis (pp. 20-25)

    Abstract. A logic-dynamical approach is suggested as a tool to diagnose dynamical systems described by bilinear models. The approach includes the following actions: bilinear component transformation to the desirable form, elimination of the transformed bilinear component, observer design for the obtained linear model with some additional constraints, and transformation of the derived linear observer to the bilinear one.

    Torgashov A.Yu.Sequential Synthesis of a Robust Multi-Loop PID Controller For a Reactive Distillation Column (pp. 26-31)

    Abstract. A sequential synthesis procedure for decentralized (multi-loop) PID controllers based on the estimation of control loops interaction in the form of multiplicative plant uncertainty is proposed. The paper shows that each synthesis iteration is accompanied by the correction of robust performance criteria for the coupled SISO systems. The results of industrial application of the proposed sequential design to a reactive distillation unit are discussed and the comparative analysis with other techniques is included.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Gavrilova T.L., Kleschev A.S.An Internal Model of Mathematical Practice for Interactive Systems of Theorem Proof Construction. Part 1. General Model Description (pp. 32-35)

    Abstract. A model of mathematical practice is offered for developing interactive systems of correct proofs construction for mathematical statements on the basis of mathematical knowledge. This model is more adequate than mathematical logic models. The model of the mathematical practice is represented as a combination of two models. The first one is an internal model, i.e., a formal system. The second one is an external model. In the framework of the external model, a mathematician can control the process of intuitive proofs construction. Requirements to the external and internal models of the mathematical practice are formulated. A generic description of the internal model is included.

    Gribova V.V. A Domain-Independent Ontology-Driven Text Generator (pp. 36-42)

    Abstract. The method of text generation by the output data of a software application is presented. The output data is an unordered set of the relation tupelos of a relational database. The paper describes the key concept of the approach, the ontology controlling the text generator, a text generation a model, and a method for the approach implementation.

    Moving Objects Control

    Dorozhko V.M., Lebedeva A.N.Expert Judgments About Basic Situational Models of Collective Movements of Ships (pp. 43-49)

    Abstract. The paper analyzes the system of expert judgments about collective movement of ships. The analysis is based on the technology of collective movement of the ships splitting into basic information structures that have the generality and representativeness of characteristics. The situational analysis of safe navigation dataware problem is undertaken with the case studies of two and three ships and ship caravans.

    Devyatisilny A.S. and Kislov D.E.Solvability Investigation for Satellite Orbit Determination Problem Based on Measurements (pp. 50-53)

    Abstract. A method for observation problem solvability evaluation under finite accuracy of model representation caused by computational environment limitations is offered. Numerical experiment results illustrating the methods effectiveness are presented.

    Devyatisilny A.S. and Chislov K.A.On the Problem of Inertial Navigator Alignment on Immovable Mount Under Gravitational Uncertainty (pp. 54-58)

    Abstract. The imbedding of the space gravimetry problem into the problem of 3D inertial navigation system alignment is discussed. Models and results of computational experiments are adduced.

    Information Technologies in Control

    Kulchin Yu.N., Denisov I.V., Panov A.V., Rybalchenko N.A.Perceptron Application in Nonlinear Reconstruction Tomography (pp. 59-63)

    Abstract. The principles of solving nonlinear reconstruction tomography problems by means of perceptron-type neural networks are discussed. The paper describes the features of such neural networks that enable considerable improvement of computation efficiency in physical fields reconstruction for technical and technological objects. Neural network implementation technique based on multilayered perceptron is offered, and possible applications are reviewed.

    Artemieva I.L., Gavrilova T.L., Gribova V.V., et al. An Interdisciplinary System for Information Resources Management at Various Generality Levels (pp. 64-68)

    Abstract. An approach to information resources management problem is discussed. Information resources management at various generality levels is understood as an activity for creating, storing and updating information resources and providing the access to them for authorized persons and software through the Internet.

    Kinsht N.V., Petrunko N.N.Logical Formalisms of Data Processing for Electromagnetic Environment of HV Substation (pp. 69-74)

    Abstract. A logical model of a high-voltage substation is developed from the equipment electromagnetic self-radiation viewpoint. Electromagnetic radiation monitoring data are used for condition diagnosis of equipment pieces.

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