No. 3, 2003
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    No. 3, 2003

    Analysis and Synthesis of Control Systems

    Gulyaev S.V., Cherepova T.I., Shubladze A.A., Shubladze A.M.Dynamic Object Control Systems Optimal with Respect to the Degree of Stability (pp. 2-9)

    Abstract. The paper gives the solutions, which are optimal with respect to the degree of stability, to the problem of aperiodic objects control. The behavior of such objects is described by dynamic models that consist of several inertial elements and an inertial delay element. The transients in servosystems with maximum degree of stability that control unstable oscillating delay objects are presented.

    Information Technologies in Control

    Popkov Yu.S. Macrosystems and Grid Technologies: Dynamic Stochastic Network Modeling (pp. 10-20)

    Abstract. The paper discusses the development of Internet in the near-term outlook (Grid technologies) as a dynamic stochastic network whose state is characterized by the spatial distribution of data-processing resources and information flows. Based on the generalized entropy maximization principle, it offers the models of locally-steady states of the net, which are a component part of a data-processing resources evolution model. This model is classified as a positive dynamic system with an entropy operator.

    Krapukhina N.V., Pastukhova K.M., Sviridov P.A.Artificial Intelligqnce Techniques in On-Line Control and Optimization of Complex Process Systems (pp. 21-24)

    Abstract. Some features of applying genetic algorithms in the optimization of complex continuous stochastic systems are discussed. The paper makes an attempt to improve the convergence of iterative techniques used for such systems calculation.

    Bernatsky F.I., Digo G.B., Digo N.B.Parallel Computations in Control Problems (pp. 25-29)

    Abstract. The paper considers the problems of complex technical systems control under uncertainty conditions based on multimethod and multivariant analysis. It discusses the possibility of applying multiprocessor computers for computation multisequencing.

    Systems Analysis and Data Processing

    Belyakov A.G., Mandel’ A.S., Borzenko N.I., Lapin A.V., Tokmakova A.B., Shushkov V.V.Expert Statistical Systems for Time Series Prediction and the Estimating Simulation (pp. 30-38)

    Abstract. Prediction procedures based on the analogs method are described. Two software systems are presented: the first one (EXPAM) provides a set of expert statistical procedures of time series prediction based on short samples, the second one (EXPRIM) implements prediction process simulation procedure at the stage of the preliminary study of the control object.

    Problem-Oriented Control Systems

    Kuznetsov L.A.System Representation of Financial and Economic Activity of an Enterprise (pp. 39-48)

    Abstract. Mathematical formulation of financial and economic activity of an enterprise subject to the accounting field is derived. The mathematical tools are developed that allow to describe the results of financial and economic activity of any specific enterprise in the form and terms of the mathematical theory of conditional optimization. The technology of computerizing the solution procedures for management, financial analysis and enterprise control philosophy investigation tasks is illustrated.

    Reymarov G.A., Gritsuk R.K., Ionov V.V.Persona Software System as a Tool for Eneterprise Human Assetts Analysis and Management (pp.49-53)

    Abstract. Key features, functional design and information database of PERSONA software and methodic system intended for evaluating the activities of production process participants. The paper pays attention to expert data analysis and knowledge testing results. The examples of the system applications at power and nuclear engineering plants are adduced.

    Smirnov S.V., Tyukavkin D.V.A Geoinformation System for Decision-Making Support in Social and Educational Authorities (pp. 54-60)

    Abstract. The development problems of a geoinformation system, which supports the decision-making in the system of social and educational service management of Moscow administrative districts are discussed. The tasks solved by the system are determined as well as the principles of their solution. The systems functionality is analyzed; its structure and its organization in the Internet are considered; some development results and future development recommendations are adduced.

    Michalski A.I., Yashin A.I.Biological Regulation and Longevity (pp. 61-65)

    Abstract. Regulation in protective systems responsible for longevity is considered. Early life stress experiments with Caenorhabditis elegans worms show that the two stationary states of protection exist. The switch between them reflects the aging process while the observed increase in longevity takes place due to more effective protection at advanced ages. The presence of the two stationary states is explained by the nonlinear structure of differential equations, which describe the production of harmful and protective substances in the organism. The extension of the results to the humans is discussed.

    Moving Objects Control

    Portnov-Sokolov Yu.P.Some Works in Astronautics Performed at the Institue of Control Sciences – A Brief Survey (pp. 66-73)

    Abstract. The paper overviews the formation and development of the Institutes works on liquid-propellant engines as control plants, terminal systems of propellant control for liquid-propellant missiles, and new technologies of propellant feed systems. The problem of missile and space objects safety and risk control in the life cycle of this class of systems is considered.

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