Control Sciences No. 2, 2021
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    Control Sciences No. 2, 2021


    Demenkov, N.P., Mikrin, E.A. , and Mochalov, I.A. State Estimation Methods for fuzzy integral models. Part II: Least Squares Method and Direct Variational Calculus Methods (pp. 2-15)

    Gubanov, D.A. and Petrov, I.V. Information Communities in Social Networks. Part II: Networked Models of Formation (pp. 16-28)


    Control in Social and Economic Systems

    Sokhova, Z.B. and Red’ko, V.G. A Self-Organization Model for Autonomous Agents in a Decentralized Environment (pp. 29-37)

    Guseva, N.I. and Sovetkin, Y.D. Key Areas for Implementing Management Innovations Within Domestic and Multinational Companies Operating in Russia (pp. 38-48)

    Shumov, V.V., Girnik, E.S., and Senichenkov, P.D. Border Activities as a System of Measures and its Scientific Support  (pp. 49-59)


    Control in Medical and Biological Systems

    Boldyshev, B.A. and Zhilyakova, L.Yu. Neuromodulation as a Control Tool for Neural Ensembles (pp. 60-67)



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    Published June 25, 2021

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