Control Sciences No. 6, 2021
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    Control Sciences No. 6, 2021


    Lepskiy, A.E. Analysis of Information Inconsistency in Belief Function Theory. Part II: Internal Conflict (pp. 2-12)

    Control in Social and Economic Systems

    Bogomolov, A.S., Dvoryashina, M.M, Dranko, O.I., Kushnikov, V.A., and Rezchikov, A.F. Stress Testing of Non-Financial Organizations: An Analytical Approach to Solving the Reverse Problem (pp. 13-24)

    Gusev, V.B. The Technological Core Model of a Large-Scale Economic System: Optimal Characteristics (pp. 25-33)

    Information Technology in Control

    Stetsyura, G.G. and Mosin, O.V. Autonomous Collective Adjustment of Vehicles Motion on a Highway (pp. 34-43)

    Control of Complex Technological Processes and Production

    Grebenyuk, G.G., Nikishov, S.M., and Sereda, L.A. Vulnerability Analysis of Complex Network Infrastructures Using a Genetic Algorithm (pp. 44-50)


    20th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability (TECIS'2021) (pp. 51-59)

    24th International Conference on Distributed Computer and Communication Networks: Control, Computation, Communications (DCCN-2021) (pp. 60-62)

    14th International Conference on Management of Large-Scale System Development (MLSD’2021) (pp. 63-67)

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    Published December 28, 2021

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