Control Sciences No. 5, 2021
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    Control Sciences No. 5, 2021


    Systems Analysis
    Belov, M.V., Novikov, D.A. The Structure of Creative Activity (pp. 17-28)

    Analysis and Design of Control Systems

    Glushchenko, A.I., Petrov, V.A., Lastochkin, K.A. Adaptive Neural-Network-Based Control of Nonlinear Underactuated Plants: An Example of a Two-Wheeled Balancing Robot (pp. 29-42)

    Gulyukina, S.I., Utkin, V.A.
    A Block Approach to CSTR Control under Uncertainty, State-Space and Control Constraints (pp. 43-52)

    Control in Medical and Biological Systems

    Taseiko, O.V., Chernykh, D.A. Assessing the Impact of Environmental Factors on Mortality in Elder Age Groups: Аn Example of Krasnoyarsk (pp. 53-60)

    Information Technology in Control

    Podlazov, V.S. Non-blocking Fault-Tolerant Dual Photon Switches with High Scalability (pp.61-76)

    Brief Communications

    Chernov, I.V. Scenario Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Implementing the Life Cycle of Program-Target Management: A Conceptual Analysis (pp. 77-81)

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    Published October 28, 2021

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