Control Sciences No. 4, 2021
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    Control Sciences No. 4, 2021


    Shiroky, A.A. and Kalashnikov, A.O. Natural Computing with Application to Risk Management in Complex Systems (pp. 2-17)

    Analysis and Design of Control Systems

    Khlebnikov, M.V. and Kvinto, Ya.I. A Parametric Lyapunov Function for Discrete-Time Control Systems with Bounded Exogenous Disturbances: Analysis (pp. 18-22)

    Krasnov, D.V. and Antipov, A.S. Designing a Double-Loop Observer to Control a Single-Link Manipulator under Uncertainty (pp.23-33)


    Control in Social and Economic Systems

    Korennaya, K.A., Hollay, A.V., and Loginovskiy, O.V. Models of Managing Industrial Enterprises under an Unstable Environment and Technological Re-equipment (pp. 34-40)


    Information Technology in Control

    Promyslov, V.G. and Semenkov, K.V. Estimating Time Characteristics of Control Systems with Cyclic Operation: A Network Calculus Approach (pp. 41-53)

    Sorokin, A.A. Using Piecewise Functions to Normalize Input Variables of Fuzzy Inference Systems (pp. 54-66)

    Barabanova, E.A., Vytovtov, K.A., and Podlazov, V.S. Non-blocking Fault-Tolerant Two-Stage Dual Photon Switches (pp. 67-76)

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    Published August 30, 2021

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