Control Sciences No. 2, 2022
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    Control Sciences No. 2, 2022


    Shikhalev, D.V. Problems of Managing the Fire Safety System of a Facility. Part II: Monitoring Methods (pp. 2-8)

    Control in Social and Economic Systems

    Stennikov, V.A., Khamisov, O.V., and Penkovskii, A.V. A Mathematical Model of Managing a Regulated Monopoly District Heating Market (pp. 9-18)

    Control of Technical Systems and Industrial Processes

    Alhelou, M., Wassouf, Y., Serebrenny, V.V., Gavrilov, A.I., and Lobusov, E.S. The Handling-Comfort Trade-Off in a Quarter-Car System: Automatic Adaptive Management via Active Disturbance Rejection Control (pp. 29-39)

    Published May 5, 2022

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