Control Sciences No. 1, 2021
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    Control Sciences No. 1, 2021


    Demenkov, N.P., Mikrin, E.A. , and Mochalov, I.A. State Estimation Methods for Fuzzy Integral Models. Part I: Approximation Methods (pp. 2-12)


    Analysis and Design of Control Systems

    Afanas’ev, V.N. and Semion, A.A. Differential Games of Pursuit with Several Pursuers and One Evader (pp. 21-30)

    Gusev, V.B. Unconstrained Optimization of aTime-Varying Objective Function on a Discrete Time Scale (pp. 31-36)


    Control in Social and Economic Systems

    Belov, M.V. and Novikov, D.A. Models of Experience (pp. 37-52)

    Afonkin, V.A. Tax Incentives for Prosocial Voting in a Stochastic Environment (pp. 53-59)

     Information Technology in Control

    Barabanova, E.A., Vytovtov, K.A., and Podlazov, V.S. Two-Stage Dual Photon Switches in an Extended Scheme Basis (pp. 60-69)

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    Published May 14, 2021

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