Control Sciences No. 3, 2021
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    Control Sciences No. 3, 2021


    Ilyasov, B.G. and Saitova, G.A. Investigation of Multivariable Automatic Control Systems for Complex Dynamic Objects Based on Petrov’s Paradigm (pp. 2-13)

    Boiko, L.M., Gubanov, D.A., Petrov, I.V. Information Communities in Social Networks. Part III: Applied Aspects of Detection and Analysis (pp. 14-21)


    Mathematical Problems of Control

    Bazilevskiy, M.P. Constructing Power-Exponential and Linear-Logarithmic Regression Models (pp. 22-28)


    Analysis and Design of Control Systems

    Chestnov, V.N. and Shatov, D.V Design of Multivariable Tracking Systems via Engineering Performance Indices Based on Н∞ Approach (pp. 29-36)


    Control in Social and Economic Systems

    Burkov, V.N. and Shchepkin, A.V. Pricing Mechanisms for Cost Reduction under Budget Constraints (pp. 37-43)

    Prokofiev, V.N., Akimova, K.V., and Myachin, A.L. Studying the Indicators of Regional Sports Development in Russian Federation (pp. 44-50)


    Control of Complex Industrial Processes and Production

    Rabotnikov, M.A. An Updating Method for the Dynamic MIMO Model of a Controlled Technological Object (pp. 51-56)


    Moving Objects Control and Navigation

    Volkovitskiy, A.K., Gladyshev, A.I., Goldin, D.A., Karshakov, E.V., Pavlov, B.V., and Tkhorenko, M.Yu. A Computer Simulation Complex for Analysis of Magnetic Gradiometry Systems (pp. 57-65)




    Published August 3, 2021

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