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    Published since 2003 in the original Russian as «Problemy Upravleniya» – a scientific and technical bimonthly journal.

    The journal addresses the needs of a wide community of specialists who deal with or are interested in control problems in technical, organizational, social, economic, environmental, biological and medical systems. Its audience also includes control and automation system developers, teachers, post-graduates and students.
    It explains in clear, intelligible form the ideas and methods of control tasks solving based on modern modeling techniques subject to unstable environment, limited source information, conflicting goals, weak structurization and multiple objectives, i.e. the problems, which are most often faced in real world.
    The journal focuses on system analysis and general-system mechanisms of large-scale objects’ operation, theory and techniques of choice and decision-making in complex systems, expert judgments and data analysis, large-scale system models, applied mathematical control models of various systems, prediction techniques and models, applied models and methods of management in organizations and economy, cash flow analysis models and techniques, and the problems of national and regional administration.
    The difference from similar journals consists of uniformity scope of modern control sciences problems, interdisciplinary approach and making an emphasis on analysis of possibilities to put into practice published scientific results.

    Editorial board
    Academicians of Russian Academy of Sciences: S.N. Vasilyev, I.A. Kalyaev, V.A. Levin, E.A. Fedosov.
    Corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences: N.A. Makhutov, D.A. Novikov (editor-in-chief), A.F. Rezchikov.
    Professors: F.T. Aleskerov, V.N. Afanasyev,  
    N.N. Bakhtadze, V.N. Burkov, P.Yu. Chebotaryov, M.V. KhlebnikovV.V. Klochkov, S.A. Krasnova, V.V. Kul’ba, A.G. Kushner, Ph.D. N.V. Kuznetsov, O.P. Kuznetsov, A.A. Lazarev, V.G. Lebedev, V.E. Lepsky, A.S. Mandel, R.V. Meshcheryakov, A.I. Mikhal′skij, F.F. Pashenko (deputy editor-in-chief), B.V. Pavlov, L.B. RapoportE.Ya. Rubinovich, V.Yu. Rutkovsky,  A.D. Tzvirkun, V.M. Vishnevskij, I.B. Yadykin; dr. N.E. Maximova (executive editor-in-chief).

    Page volume: 84, format A4.

    Frequency: bimonthly.

    Contact information: office 410; Institute of Control Sciences RAS, 65, Profsoyuznaya St., Moscow, 117997, Russia.
    Tel./fax: (+7-495) 334-9200, e-mail:  , URL:

    The journal “CONTROL SCIENCES”
    was founded in 2002 year by the Russian Academy of Sciences’ V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Science of RAS, one of the world’s largest centers in this field. Leading scientists of this institute perform the function of peer reviewing and editing of papers. This makes it possible to ensure rather high scientific level of published papers.
    There are Russian and foreign noted scientists among authors of the journal.
    The electronic version of the journal is distributed by Scientific Electronic Library . The journal is included in Russian Science Citation Index on base Web of Sciences.

    The journal can be subscribed to from any month in any post office of Russia
    (subscription indices are 81708 or 38006 in Rospechat catalogue and 38006 in Press of Russia catalogue)or at the publisher’s office. The publisher will also mail out any journal issue by request.

    Abstracts in English

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